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no equipment

The no equipment class focuses on using body weight in clinically proven intervals to raise the heart rate and achieve maximum weight loss. It progresses for more basic body weight movements to faster and longer periods of exertion. This class is very accommodating with alternatives to every exercise to make it accessible for any ability level. 

some equipment

For this class you’ll need a Kettlebell (medium weight), 2 dumbbells (medium weight), a stretch cord and a versa loop band. This program is aimed at achieving the same results as the No Equipment class but with more emphasis on Muscular Endurance and toning.

gym class

Focuses on progression from Muscular Endurance to Strength and Hypertrophy training. This is the ideal training method to kickstart your hormones and get them working for you. This raises your metabolism and caloric expenditure to aid in sustained body composition change. If you want to get lean and build lean muscle, this is the class for you!


Jon’s course changed my life! The diet plan was amazing. Thank you!

Marissa James

I can’t say enough about what the challenge did for me. I keep coming back to each class. 

Jinga Low



lean phyysique

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